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The Law Offices of Jason A. Steinberger, LLC is an experienced NYC criminal defense law firm that has helped thousands of New Yorkers successfully stand up against unfair drug charges in The Bronx.

If you’re facing a potential drug charge in The Bronx, you need to understand that the District Attorney’s office in our county is extremely aggressive in pursuing strong drug convictions and hard-line penalties. That mirrors a similar effort throughout New York and across the country to “crack down” on suspected drug crimes during the last few decades.

Unfortunately, overaggressive prosecutors have created a criminal justice system in which far too many people are unfairly accused of crimes they did not commit, facts are stretched in an attempt to make trumped-up charges stick, and decent New Yorkers like you and me are given extraordinary punishments for making a single mistake.

In particular, this page focuses on the specific crimes of selling drugs in New York City.

New York has some of the toughest drug laws in the country. Those laws have evolved over the years, creating a complex system that even judges and juries have a hard time navigating.

Anyone facing a drug sale charge in The Bronx is in an uphill battle to protect his or her freedom. Our office can help.

Attorney Jason A. Steinberger is an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney with many years of specific experience in protecting New Yorkers during investigations and prosecutions for drug crimes. He offers a compassionate, strategic, and effective defense.

Mr. Steinberger understands that everyone is human. He understands that you might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He also understands that you might have simply made a mistake.

Whatever the case may be, our whole office is dedicated to the belief that you don’t deserve to spend the rest of your life paying for an error in judgment — and we’ll fight hard to produce the best possible outcome in your case.

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What Constitutes a Criminal Drug Sale Under New York Law?

When you imagine someone “selling drugs,” you might imagine a hardened drug dealer meeting in an abandoned warehouse under the cover of darkness, transacting major exchanges of dangerous narcotics as part of an elaborate criminal scheme. And occasionally, that’s the case.

New Yorkers are often surprised to learn, though, that the legal threshold for a criminal “drug sale” in our state is actually much, much lower than that.

In the classic narcotics transaction, one person intentionally provides another with an illegal substance and receives money in return. That is a straightforward drug sale.

But it’s also possible to be convicted for a criminal drug sale in The Bronx under far less obvious circumstances.

For instance, someone who tries marijuana for the first time (perhaps even by mistake) and then hands that marijuana cigarette (or joint) to a friend — without receiving any money — could be charged with a drug sale in New York. Indeed, those cases have happened in The Bronx and they still do.

Conspiracy charges are a real concern too. It’s possible for someone who is not involved in the underlying transaction to be charged as part of a drug distribution conspiracy even when the person’s conduct was legal on its own and had very little to do with the offense itself.

The government goes to great lengths to press drug sale charges in The Bronx, often targeting people who do not deserve it.

Please Take Immediate Legal Action to Protect Yourself

Drug sales can be charged at various levels, with the degree of severity depending on a number of factors (the type, quantity, and purity of substance, where the sale happens, and the suspect’s prior record, among other things). Charges may be filed at the state and/or federal level.

Regardless of the specific charge you are facing, you should consider any suspicion of drug-related activity to be an extremely serious matter. The prosecution will do everything it can to maximize your sentence and the accompanying penalties.

The sooner you hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney, the better. You need someone with real experience in successfully navigating the criminal justice system in New York and, specifically, The Bronx. You can count on attorney Jason A. Steinberger to fight for you with unyielding passion. His goal is the same as yours: freedom for your future.

With an experienced lawyer’s help, it is often possible to achieve a dismissal of the charges against you, but time matters.

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