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Strategic Criminal Defense for Firearm Possession in The Bronx, NYC

The Law Offices of Jason A. Steinberger serve as your Bronx gun possession defense lawyerAny weapons-related criminal charge in New York is a serious matter. Possession charges arise in many different scenarios. You might have been charged as part of a larger assault or manslaughter case. Alternatively, the possession count may be the only charge you’re facing.

Whatever your situation may be, you can expect the state to aggressively prosecute the charge(s) against you, making full use of the extensive resources available to the government. The penalties are tough, and you can’t count on the system to protect you on its own.

At The Law Offices of Jason A. Steinberger, LLC, we provide comprehensive, compassionate, and strategic criminal defense for firearm possession in The Bronx and beyond. We have helped people just like you overcome these terrifying charges. We are here to protect your freedom.

Our clients come to us confused and afraid. Some of them don’t understand why they’re being charged. Others were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Often, it’s all a simple misunderstanding that the state has blown entirely out of proportion. Or maybe you just made a mistake.

We aren’t here to judge you. Our mission is to help you — and to keep you out of prison if at all possible.

Guns are a controversial topic in America right now, and that’s especially true in New York. There is tremendous political pressure on prosecutors and police to crack down on firearms, and unfortunately, we’re seeing innocent and well-meaning people swept up in all the fervor.

New York and The Bronx are going after gun charges with intensity, but you don’t deserve to have your rights compromised so that a prosecutors’ office can score political points.

An experienced Bronx gun possession defense lawyer in our office can help. We know New York’s gun laws and we understand how to effectively defend our clients against them. We can make a difference.

Common Criminal Gun Charges in The Bronx

The state often files multiple gun charges at one. You might be facing any of the following common charges:

  • Possession of an illegal firearm
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Owning a gun without a license
  • Buying or selling a weapon illegally (e.g. black market sales, trafficking, etc.)
  • Discharging a weapon in public
  • Possession of a firearm on school grounds
  • Possession of a firearm at an airport
  • Possession of a firearm where prohibited

Prosecutors are notorious for trumping up charges in an attempt to land a more serious conviction. An experienced Bronx gun possession defense lawyer can help you fight back against overly aggressive prosecution and exaggerated charges.

Police Errors & False Assumptions Are Common in NY Gun Possession Cases

Firearm possession cases account for some of the most disturbing stories of injustice and police overreach in New York.

There have been countless tales of people who call 911 in an emergency only to have the police turn on them because of a technical and unintentional weapons infraction. Or someone being arrested while driving a friend around town, having no idea that the friend was unlawfully concealing a firearm.

People have even purchased a firearm thinking everything was on the up and up, having no idea they were participating in a technically unlawful transaction. Police often rush to judgment, make false assumptions, and violate the law while pressing gun possession charges.

There are two sides to every story, and if the prosecution wants its side to stick, they’re going to have to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. We’re here to fight them at every turn, and we’ve often been successful.

The right to bear arms is protected by the Constitution of the United States. While the government is permitted to restrict that right and enact regulations for gun possession and ownership, prosecutors must nevertheless overcome an enormous burden before they can convict you of a crime.

If the police have violated your rights, we’re going to challenge their conduct in a court of law. You might be surprised to learn that they have.

As a Bronx gun possession defense lawyer, Jason A. Steinberger has successfully achieved a dismissal or reduction of charges in many of these cases, and he would like to do the same for you — with knowledge, passion, and skill.

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Out of all the New York weapons charges, those involving a gun are the most serious, not to mention the most politically charged. You need an experienced and aggressive Bronx gun possession defense lawyer on your side.

Please get us involved as soon as possible, even if charges haven’t been filed yet. Urgent action is in your best interest. Your future is on the line.

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