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Being charged with a crime or with a serious driving offense can be frightening, overwhelming, embarrassing, and extremely stressful – whether or not the charges are valid. Because the consequences of being convicted of a crime can be serious, long-lasting, and financially devastating, it is imperative that you make certain that you know your rights, and secure the best outcome possible for your charges and your circumstances. It is vital you have an experienced and proven criminal defense lawyer in Bronx by your side.

As a Bronx criminal lawyer, Jason A. Steinberger has over a decade of experience practicing criminal law in New York City and is uniquely qualified to handle your criminal case. Jason Steinberger is a former New York City Criminal Prosecutor, former Assistant District Attorney, former Adjunct Law Professor and Criminal Defense Attorney who has dedicated his practice to representing those who have arrested by New York City Law Enforcement.

Partnering with a knowledgeable, efficient, aggressive, and experienced Bronx criminal attorney means that you can expect that:

  • You can tell your side of the story to someone who listens.
  • You will be informed of all of your rights under the law and your legal options.
  • You will have someone fighting to have your charges dropped or reduced.
  • You will have someone thoroughly investigating your case and collecting evidence and witness statements.
  • You will have an attorney to fight for fair sentencing, when applicable.
  • You will have someone to navigate you through the legal system, from beginning to end.

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When you find yourself charged with a crime the stakes are high. If you get a conviction it can mean serious legal penalties in addition to lasting financial burdens. Obviously, these consequences should be avoided if possible. Our experienced Bronx criminal defense attorney, Jason A Steinberger is ready to review your case to decide how we can fight on your behalf!

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