False Arrest And Police Brutality In The Bronx & New York City

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The Law Offices of Jason Steinberger serve as your Bronx False Arrest LawyerThe police are supposed to protect you and your community. However, although it is their job to keep the streets safe, some in uniform engage in unlawful abuses of power that harm the very people who they are supposed to help. This can take the form of:

  • False arrest
  • Police brutality
  • Excessive force
  • Unlawful detention
  • Unlawful confinement
  • Humiliation
  • Physical harm
  • Psychological trauma

If you have been the victim of an illegal act by a police officer or a police department, you have a right to seek justice and compensation. While it is true that New York police officers have a difficult and often dangerous job, absolutely nothing excuses the abuse of power that residents see on a regular basis. NYC attorney Jason Steinberger works to ensure that the responsibility granted to police is used appropriately, and does not violate the rights of our community members.

While we understand that no amount of compensation will ever resolve the fact that your civil rights were violated, we strive to get you the largest award possible under the law both to ease your pain and to punish those responsible for what happened.

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New York False Arrest Cases

In general, a police officer must have probable cause or an arrest warrant in order to make an arrest while on duty. If a police officer detains or confines someone without the proper legal authority, it is considered a false arrest and is illegal on both a state and federal level.

Anyone who experiences a false arrest may be able to seek compensation for loss of liberty. In addition, if a person who experiences a false arrest also suffers from physical or psychological harm, he or she may be able to seek further compensation.

False arrests are either done maliciously by “bad apple” police officers, or done by mistake or out of negligence. What if you can show that the officer was malicious in the arrest? You may be entitled to punitive damages, in which responsible parties are required to pay the victims as punishment for their crimes. A common example of a police officer acts maliciously during a false arrest may be when an officer arrests a person for possession of drugs despite the fact that the officer never tested the alleged substance.

New York Police Brutality & Excessive Force Cases

At times, police must use force in order to keep the peace, restrain dangerous people, or preserve their own lives. However, using excessive force is absolutely against the law for all types of law enforcement – and the victims of police brutality should stand up for their rights.

Excessive force is difficult to define and is decided upon on a case-by-case basis. However, common examples of excessive force and police brutality include:

  • Punching and kicking
  • Verbal abuse, racial slurs, and spitting
  • Choking, strangling, and choke-holds
  • The use of weapons, stun guns, flashlights, or pepper spray
  • The improper use of police dogs
  • The improper use of deadly force

It is vital to understand that police brutality and excessive force are wrong even if you are eventually charged with or convicted of a crime or crimes. Being guilty of a crime does not mean that you deserved the excessive use of force or any of its consequences. In fact, many police officers are involved in these types of misconduct because they believe that their victims will be too embarrassed to speak up. Don’t let this happen to you: Call a New York false arrest lawyer today and tell your story.

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An experienced and aggressive police misconduct lawyer like Jason Steinberger can file a false arrest or police brutality claim on your behalf.

The lawsuit can be brought in either State or Federal Courts. Bronx criminal charges legal practitioner, Jason Steinberger and his supportive legal team will be able to determine which court is best to file in to pursue your monetary award. While some cases need to be tried in court, we strive to negotiate a just settlement as early as possible to secure fair compensation. However, if the settlement offer is unjust, he is not afraid to take a case to trial.

If you have been a victim of false arrest, police brutality, or excessive use of force, you may be entitled to compensation and need to act now. For a free case evaluation, contact us today. Jason Steinberger will then personally sit down with you to review your case’s particular facts and advise you of your legal options.

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