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Shocking as it may seem, the majority of people who are arrested on knife possession charges in The Bronx are only in possession of a seemingly non-threatening gravity knife or some similar blade.

A gravity knife is a common, relatively small knife with a blade housed inside the handle. The knife opens with the force of gravity, often achieved by its handler spinning the knife, and the blade then locks into place.

People sometimes mistakenly refer to gravity knives as switchblades, but the latter relies on a button, switch, or lever for release.

Knife possession charges raise all sorts of red flags because many knives are perfectly legal in New York. Moreover, there are countless legitimate reasons for owning various knives. After all, while some knives can be used as weapons, many are also serviceable as tools.

Gravity knives in particular offer a wide range of practical utility. They are popular in some places because their blades can be kept in safety until needed and then opened with one hand — obviously useful in tasks when the other hand may be occupied. Construction workers, skydivers, and handymen have long made use of gravity knives and similar blades to aid in their manual labor.

Unfortunately, thousands of New Yorkers have landed in jail simply because they had a gravity knife or a similar blade in their possession.

It doesn’t matter how long the blade is. It doesn’t matter whether you have criminal intent. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first offense and you have a great explanation for why you have the knife. Merely having it can put you behind bars.

These arrests are hardly rare. In fact, New York police are trained to actively look for people who might have gravity knives and then subject them to arrest, even if they are perfectly peaceful and doing nothing wrong.

Often, the defendants have no idea that they own a gravity knife. Some have never even heard of the term. They might have inherited the blade from a family member, purchased it in a state where they are legal, bought it used at a flea market, or received it as a gift.

Many of our grandparents might have had these knives. After all, New York didn’t ban them until 1950s — and even then, the state legislature had a different, largely extinct kind of knife in mind.

Today, that outdated law is being abused and exploited by law enforcement in The Bronx and beyond in order to put undeserving people in jail.

Have You Been Arrested on Knife Possession Charges in The Bronx?

If you’ve been accused or arrested of criminal knife possession in The Bronx, you need to take immediate legal action in your defense. You could be looking at serious criminal charges, lengthy legal proceedings, and tough penalties.

New York takes weapons charges seriously. You need to too.

As a Bronx gravity knife defense lawyer, attorney Jason A. Steinberger has helped many people just like you stand up against overaggressive weapons possession charges in New York.

Our office is often able to challenge the evidence against you, mount compelling legal arguments in your defense, and even convince the prosecution to dismiss the charges against you. The sooner we get involved, the better our chances for success.

We understand how unfair these charges can be. We realize that owning a knife doesn’t make you a hardened criminal.

We are committed to fighting the state in their effort to ruin your life over a technicality or a misunderstanding.

As part of your defense, once you hire our firm, Mr. Steinberger will approach the prosecution and demand to examine the knife itself. The law stipulates very precise definitions about knives that do and do not violate the law. You might be surprised by how often people are arrested and even prosecuted for knives that weren’t illegal in the first place.

If Mr. Steinberger determines that your knife does not fit the law’s specific criteria for an illegal knife, our office will file an immediate motion to dismiss. Otherwise, we will immediately explore all other avenues for your defense.

What About Other Kinds of Knives?

Our proven Bronx criminal defense lawyer at The Law Offices of Jason A. Steinberger, LLC is prepared to defend you against a wide range of knife and weapons charges, including larger blades and other kinds of knives. Regardless of the weapon involved in your charge, you deserve a vigorous defense.

Contact a Bronx Gravity Knife Defense Lawyer Right Away

If you’ve been charged with knife possession in The Bronx, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away.

These charges are serious. There is hope, but you need to act now. Attempting to handle your defense on your own — or trusting a lawyer who doesn’t have sufficient time or experience to manage your case — could prove very costly in the long run.

We are here to help you with effective strategies, affordable fees, and a shoulder of support. Please contact a Bronx gravity knife defense lawyer in our office right away.