Bronx Unemployment Fraud

Arrested for Unemployment Insurance Fraud in the Bronx?

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Bronx Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Unemployment Insurance Fraud is on the rise.  As a result of the high number of people collecting Unemployment Insurance, the New York State Department of Labor has has been aggressively pursuing those people who take advantage of the system.  Most people are arrested are those who collect unemployment insurance benefits while they are working and collecting a salary.  While it may take a few years for the Department of Labor to catch up with abusers, they eventually find out who has abused the system.  Most people are unaware that their employer must report the the salaries for all employees.  When the Department of Labor matches the personal information with those collected benefits against those who have had their information reported as collecting a salary, that's when abusers get caught.  

Another myth about Unemployment Insurance Fraud prosecutions is that the District Attorney's Office just wants abusers to pay the Department of State back for the money taken illegally.  Many abusers think that if the money taken is repaid, that the District Attorney's Office will drop the charges.  That is sadly, not true.  Because all records pertaining to unemployment insurance certifications are computerized, the District Attorney's Office generally prosecutes abusers for Falsifying Business Records because it is an easier charge to prove.

However, despite the fact that most the District Attorney's case is memorialized by computer records, there are ways to fight the case.  Call now and learn how you can avoid criminal liability.