Bronx Robbery

Robbery charges are very serious. Don’t trust your case to just anyone.

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What are Bronx Robbery Charges?

The Bronx currently divides robbery into three major categories: First Degree, Second Degree, and Third Degree.

Robbery in the First Degree is a class B violent felony in the Bronx. Class B violent felonies are the most serious form of felonies and carry a 25 year maximum prison term upon conviction and a five year mandatory minimum for someone with no criminal record. Robbery in the First Degree charges require an experienced criminal defense attorney like Jason A. Steinberger.

Robbery in the Second Degree is a class C violent felony. This is the second most serious form of robbery and it carries a 15 year maximum prison term upon conviction. Robbery in the Second Degree is the type of Bronx robbery charge you might be charged with if you were working together with other people to commit the robbery.

Robbery in the Third Degree is a class D non-violent felony. This is the least serious form of robbery in the Bronx, although it still carries a maximum of 2 1/3 to 7 years in prison upon conviction.  Robbery in the Third Degree is charged whenever property is forcefully taken from a person without their permission.

Loosely and generally, robbery in the Bronx is the use of force to illegally obtain someone else’s property. Depending on how much force is used (or threatened) and what is used to do the forcing, the robbery is more or less serious.

The District Attorney’s Offices take robbery cases very seriously. Anyone charged with a robbery needs to take it very seriously as well.

If you have been charged with robbery in the Bronx, call Jason A. Steinberger today and make an appointment to meet with him personally.